[CODE][Newbie]: Class restrictions

From: Henrik Stuart (hstuart@GEOCITIES.COM)
Date: 06/27/98

Hi all

Alas, I was experimenting with the snippet from Brian Williams
<bmw@efn.org> on the snippets page for restricting classes to certain
races. Alas, I got it in and got a few (ch) replaced with
(d->character), but eventually ran into a non-existent
send_to_char(class_display[x], d->character);
The class_display seems nowhere to find, is this a leftover from an old
Circle-version, or am I just looking the wrong places?!
I've dug through every .c and .h file to try to find this, but have
eventually failed. If it is a remnant from an old circle-version what
has it been replaced with?
Beforehand thanks.


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