Re: [off-topic] I'm tired.

From: Christopher Avans (parka@CDC.NET)
Date: 07/01/98

On Wed, 1 Jul 1998, Leonardo Herrera wrote:

> I found that topic of quinn shadowhatever really annoying. This is the
> only guy that I have ever seen that cannot know what is coding and at
> the same time release code to the snippets page. Okay. That is,

If You will remember Questions from Mr Quinn spawned the the long running
string about people being mean to newbies and just flaming em. Well I
obviously stuck my foot in my mouth 'for I defended him againts a guy
named CHUCK(who I appolgized to) Quinn was asking extremely newbie
questions. He didnt know what the diffrence in byte, long and int or what
they even mean. So just a fact to ponder when or if you ever look at waht
he posted to ftp site. I havent nor want, it stinks. And to think I
personal gave him dodge code and some other stuff, simple stuff yes but i
feel sick.
 > >
>  IC Global Channel -- From Quinn (Added Apr 27, 1998)
>  Recall Command -- From Quinn (Added Apr 27, 1998)
>  Trust System -- From Quinn (Added Apr 27, 1998)
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> This snippets are pretty simple. But I can't believe that a guy who does
> some... uh, "newbie" questions can wrote this. Here is an extract of
> some of his questions.
> ---------------------------

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