Re: Setcmd Code - Was: Re: New oedit.c Code

From: Travis Turner (turnert@GALSTAR.COM)
Date: 07/01/98

On Wed, 1 Jul 1998, Del wrote:

[snip] :)

> Small note, Part of the explanation (to this semi-newbie) is kind of vague
> and leaves some guess work on the newer coders:
> >also.. down in player_specials.saved change a spare long from sparen to
> >cmd
> I truely think explanations such as:
> structs.h
> Change the one of the spares longs under
> struct player_special_data_saved {
>    int spare15;
>    int spare16;
> -   long        spare17;
> +   long        cmd;
>    long spare18;
>    long spare19;

Good point.  This was the first thing i submitted to the list, and was
mainly doing it by memory. :)

> This also allows for easier cut and paste for fewer typo errors, then you
> will not be getting all these "the snippet crashes my mud, what could be
> wrong?"
> Thanks for listening and hope you all will not turn this topic into a blood
> bath on the list.

Thanks.. :)  And I'm not even going to the "one thing".. Dont wanna go any
further into it because well, I dont feel like it, its a stupid argument.

And I'll keep that stuff in mind.. the auctally snippet, for the newbie
Coders out there.. :)
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