Setcmd Code - Was: Re: New oedit.c Code

From: Travis Turner (turnert@GALSTAR.COM)
Date: 07/01/98

On Wed, 1 Jul 1998, Quinn ShadowStalker wrote:
> On Wed, 24 Jun 1998, Tony Robbins wrote:
> > Ok, I've got two different things to say about this.  Firstly, the "God
> > help us all" was uncalled for, even if Quinn is a code thief and a liar.
> Im not a code thief.

Bsst.. Sorry.. Ok, everyone refer to the thing under the snippets page
called "Trust System".  Hate to say it, but it was MY creation, and my
coder said you stole it from him.  Anyways, it wasnt even done right,
theres like 5 things you missed in it.

Ok Guys, I'm gonna go ahead and release what I did for code called setcmd

the do_wizhelp and do_setcmd are posted (by Quinn) with my exact variables
in it that I used when I created it (either he read my mind, or.. he
stole it)

in interpreter set ALL god commands to LVL_IMMORT (unless you want to keep
some level restricted)

also take out the old wizhelp (or what I did was changed it to oldwizhelp)
and define ACMD(do_new_wizhelp) and place it in the interpreter comands

in structs.h define the certain command sets you want
#define CMD_ADVANCE     (1 << 0)
#define CMD_BAN         (1 << 1)

also.. down in player_specials.saved change a spare long from sparen to

in utils.h pretty much copy the PRF_FLAGGED, PRF_BITS, anything with PRF
and make it CMD_FLAGGED, CMD_BITS, etc..

in act.wizard.c add that snippet (the setcmd is basically a rip off of
set, but it works), and for wizhelp modify it as so..
comsend = (<COMMAND BIT>, "<command name>", nums);

Ok, heres what makes it..

In each command place that has a cmdset, place this..

if (!CMD_FLAGGED(<CMD BIT>, ch)) {
   send_to_char("Huh?\r\n", ch);

Okie guys, that should be it. If ya got any questions, just gimmie an

Please If ya use this, give me credit for it.. NOT Quinn.  I'd appereciate
it if ya'd also gimmie an e-mail that you're using it..


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