[IDEA][CODE] Dropping to a shell.

From: Nick Race (astrum@IT.NET.AU)
Date: 07/02/98

During one of the "idea workshops" that I occasionally hold with those
helping me develop my MUD, a good idea came up in reference to a cyberpunk
zone we have. In one section, there is a terminal or three that unti now
are unimplemented, but I would like to get them echoing a rough matrix type
scenario... Let me explain further. I want people, by using these
terminals, to be able to jump into a different section of the game, that is
different to the normal room/mob/object scenario, and that actually appears
to be like a proper computer system.  After messing around with the idea,
and trying a few routines it met with horrible failure. So now it's time to
fall back to plan B, which is what I'm asking you guys for input.

Instead of coding a whole new set of routines to handle a different
situation in the MUD, a coder of mine had the idea of holding the
connection, and dropping the character into a shell on the MUD server
(logged in as MUDUSER, or similar) now, with the use of scripts, and custom
programs, let them play around in the shell, then get back into the MUD, in
their character, when they've finished.

My biggest problem would be being able to restrict the actions of the
person in the shell, then getting them back into the MUD, bypassing login
screens etc (for continuity).

My socket mechanics isnt very strong, which is another problem. (None of my
coders are brilliant at it, either, but we get by.)

Does anyone out there have any ideas on how this whole segment can be coded
and utilised?

As always, this is a public forum, and anyone is welcome to steal my idea,
without credit. If we didnt all share, what would be the point, yes?

Thanks in advance,

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