Re: [IDEA][CODE] Dropping to a shell.

From: John Woods (JWoodsIII@AOL.COM)
Date: 07/05/98

In a message dated 98-07-03 17:31:30 EDT, writes:

<< On Thu, 2 Jul 1998, John Woods wrote:

 > << Instead of coding a whole new set of routines to handle a different
 >  situation in the MUD, a coder of mine had the idea of holding the
 >  connection, and dropping the character into a shell on the MUD server
 >  (logged in as MUDUSER, or similar) now, with the use of scripts, and
 >  programs, let them play around in the shell, then get back into the MUD,
 >  their character, when they've finished. >>

<<   Dude... Ever heard anything from anybody that goes something like this:

Erm, what does that have to do with this???

<<   Do you want to know why..  #1 they try to make all their software
 totally proprietary meaning it only works with their stuff. >>

AOL didn't write Federation. IBGames did. Federation was /hosted/ by AOL,
however it was on an IBGames server.

<<   Well.. thats nice... good for them.. sort of reminds me of a Compaq
 computer that cant be upgraded that much.  And getting back to your
 subject here..   The only muds that have drop into shell availability,
 was designed a long time ago called  MudOs.

   Again.. it seems AOL took some freeware stuff and made it their want to
 be own.>>

Federation aint MUDbased. It's written, in its entirety, by Alan Lenton, in
1987. He wasn't even lookin' at MUD code back then.

<<   I will straight up bet my P-II 266 dual computer that AOL's mud is not
 anywhere near as good as some of your guys or even mine.  If you want
 to go with a shitty ISP.. then you can play on a shitty mud too. :) >>

Fed isn't on AOL anymore. Federation is NOT a MUD, technically, although
literally it is. Federation isn't a shitty MUD, or wasn't until they started
having problems moving to the web.

<<   Nothin wrong with the service actually.. cept no shell accts... its
 just that there are way better software developers out there that one
 could benifit from. >>

Does this argument have anything to do with CircleMUD?


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