Re: Bugs in PL 14

From: George (greerga@CIRCLEMUD.ORG)
Date: 07/06/98

>Fight.c; line 929:  more serious bug: if player with PLR_KILLER flag tries
>                    to attack someone, he is treated as mobile:

That's why MOB_FLAGGED currently checks for IS_NPC. :)

>#define PRF_FLAGGED(ch, flag) (!IS_NPC(ch) ? IS_SET(PRF_FLAGS(ch), (flag)) :\
>                         (ch)->desc && (ch)->desc->original ? \
>                         IS_SET(PRF_FLAGS((ch)->desc->original), (flag)) : \
>                         log("SYSERR: non-switched NPC using PRF_FLAGS at
>%s:%d.", __FILE__, __LINE__) ,0)

Jeremy doesn't even like the CHECK_PLAYER_SPECIALS macro.  This one might
push him over the edge and we'd end up with CircleMUD++. :)

>To George: If you're interested in implementing this, I can send you
>everything I changed to made it work.

I'll have to make sure Jeremy would be ok with this one.

>Also, I think that ripping out entire commands for mobiles (do_score)
>because of few variables (condition) whose can be avoided with a simple
>if(!IS_NPC) is a bad thing to do.

Well, currently we can still let them use most things but mobs shouldn't
need that command anyway.

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