Re: Selling CircleMUD

From: Chuck Reed (master@I-55.COM)
Date: 07/10/98

>What if he only sold a diff file from his mud's source to the current
>code?  Similar with areas.  What if the areas were completely
>non-stock -- they're not part of CircleMUD, so they would be sellable,
>Chip (who thinks the Circle and Diku licenses need lawyers to go over
>them with a fine-tooth comb)

Ok, i usualy don't interject on these types of things, but this is dumb.
I'm no lawyer, but here's my interpretation:

These people were nice enough to give you this great code base for free,
don't be anal dickheads about it.  I'm sure you worked hard on your code,
however, if you want to develop code for money, go apply for a job.  Sure,
you may be able to get away with it legaly, but I'll laugh my ass off when
you get sued for some idiot falling on your property (who also gets away
with that legaly).

Ok, back to work.  Bye now.

Chuck Reed

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