Re: Selling CircleMUD

From: James Turner (turnerjh@XTN.NET)
Date: 07/10/98

Chuck Reed <master@I-55.COM> writes:

> >What if he only sold a diff file from his mud's source to the current
> >code?  Similar with areas.  What if the areas were completely
> >non-stock -- they're not part of CircleMUD, so they would be sellable,
> >correct?
> >Chip (who thinks the Circle and Diku licenses need lawyers to go over
> >them with a fine-tooth comb)
> Ok, i usualy don't interject on these types of things, but this is dumb.
> I'm no lawyer, but here's my interpretation:
> These people were nice enough to give you this great code base for free,
> don't be anal dickheads about it.  I'm sure you worked hard on your code,
> however, if you want to develop code for money, go apply for a job.  Sure,
> you may be able to get away with it legaly, but I'll laugh my ass off when
> you get sued for some idiot falling on your property (who also gets away
> with that legaly).

I agree completely.  I have zero intention of making money from the
work I've done on my code, as I'm sure are many others.  But we live
in a world of greed.  People have, and will continue to, make money
from legal loopholes.  My comments were not meant as some way so that
I could weasel a way through the Circle license; they were meant to
help spur Those With Power to perhaps, if they feel it is necessary,
seek legal advice on a properly written license.

Please don't ascribe motives to me that simply aren't present.

My mentality is similar to those who find bugs/loopholes in code that
can be exploited.  Find the problem and report it before others begin
to take advantage of it.  I myself have no desire to weasel through
the licenses on Circle or Diku, but it's a sad fact that others do.

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