From: Iceblade (iceblade@STARWEB.NET)
Date: 07/17/98

Hey all,
 been wrestling with some odd ball errors. First one is a vfprintf that I
cannot locate. Debugger output is as follows:
#0  0x4003623b in _IO_vfprintf ()
#1  0x4003a93a in _IO_vsprintf ()
#2  0x80f436c in buf ()

Any ideas?

Next problem, malloc error debug trace is about the same. Could it be a
low level LINUX error??

Last problem, too many open files, same level of detail as previous debug

Other than these we are doing pretty well :)

Patch level 12, OasisOLC 1.5, ASCII PFILE system, LINUX kernel 2.0.33.


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