[Fluff] MGP?

From: Joe DiLascio (OmnousMan@AOL.COM)
Date: 07/30/98

Not to say that every mud should be multimedia... but...

MSP (Mud Sound Protocol, for the unknowing) seems to have caught on (well, a
little bit :p)... What thoughts have ye all about an MGP (guess what 'G'
stands for :p)?  'Twould be trivial to implement a toggleable gif viewer in a
mud client (at least on Win32) to show static or animated gifs. You know,
nothing ground shaking (What is this-- Ultima Online?), maybe just display a
series of pictures in combat like "!!PIC(mobattacks.gif)...
!!PIC(yougethit.gif)... !!PIC(youattack.gif).. !!PIC(youmiss.gif)".. you get
the idear. Maybe even multiple viewers (self, weapon, opponent).. -shrug-

Heck, with proper graphic and sound coordination, a player could get the
impression he's using one of those "Multimedia Extravaganza"-type CD-ROMs
featuring stick figures re-enacting the Battle of Gettysburg.. back when 4x CD
drives were THE thing :p
Hmm, a mud narrated by Shelby Foote..?

I digress...

Personally, I think graphical muds are too new to be practical for the mass
populace... but adding a little ambience to a text mud is easy enough

I don't know if I'm the only one.. but MSVC 5.0 won't build a fresh stock
CircleMud-- about 90% of all vars declared with 'const' generate errors.
Declaring them without the evil word works just fine.. but should the const-
ness be removed from stock? I noticed the "#define const" option, but that
only hides the problem from unwitting coders.
Ah well..

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