Re: [Fluff] MGP?

From: Doppleganger Software (doppsoft@TZC.COM)
Date: 07/31/98

>MSP (Mud Sound Protocol, for the unknowing) seems to have caught on (well, a
>little bit :p)... What thoughts have ye all about an MGP (guess what 'G'
>stands for :p)?  'Twould be trivial to implement a toggleable gif viewer in a
>mud client (at least on Win32) to show static or animated gifs. You know,
>nothing ground shaking (What is this-- Ultima Online?), maybe just display a
>series of pictures in combat like "!!PIC(mobattacks.gif)...
>!!PIC(yougethit.gif)... !!PIC(youattack.gif).. !!PIC(youmiss.gif)".. you get
>the idear. Maybe even multiple viewers (self, weapon, opponent).. -shrug-

I have thought of this as well.  It is a great concept.  You don't need
to have pics like what you suggested, but perhaps pictures of certain key
people, special weapons, and such.  However, in keeping with the fun of
MSP, you could also do !!MOV() for short clips (say a ship taking off) or
even quicktime MIDI music.  :)

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