Re: [Fluff] MGP?

From: James Thomas (rasdan@TELEPORT.COM)
Date: 07/31/98

> Not to say that every mud should be multimedia... but...
> MSP (Mud Sound Protocol, for the unknowing) seems to have caught on (well, a
> little bit :p)... What thoughts have ye all about an MGP (guess what 'G'
> stands for :p)?  'Twould be trivial to implement a toggleable gif viewer in a
> mud client (at least on Win32) to show static or animated gifs.

This is an excellent idea. I think I will have to learn more about Windows
programming before I attempt to do this myself :)

The problem however, is designing or finding the proper images (sounds are
easy), and to be done correctly, would require an awful lot of images. You
could develop a near-graphical mud interface using a client that supports
MSP and your proposed MGP while at the same time still being a full text
mud for those that can't (or don't want to) use those clients.


   James C. Thomas Jr.
   Head Implementor, FinalityMUD 4000

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