Re: [BUG] ROFL!!! :)))

From: Nynaeve Al'Meara (
Date: 08/02/98


> While this may make sense in terms of realism, it's typically
> horrid for balance, and it's more trouble than it's worth to attempt
> to balance it. If you have any mob out in the open that loads decent
> wristwear, it's in essence giving it to thieves. And the difficulty
> really doesn't matter much, because a thief attempts a steal, and
> then they have their mage/cleric friend summon them immediately.
> if they succeeded, they just got a major piece of eq without having
> to kill the mob. if they didn't they just try again.

Well this is not much of a problem, in fact there are a lot of things
that can be cheated via this simple means of quick summons. I played a
long time on a mud where we frequently used a tactic called pricking on
mobs that were very hard to beat "honestly" or if they were heavy
shatterers. I remember the horror when i saw the message "X's summon
spell settles over your body waiting for you to become free". It was not
possible to summon people who were in the middle of a waitstate. So add
a 6 second waitstate or something to steal, this would only be logical
after all and then modify the code for summon so it won't act on people
who are "waiting to come free". I'm sorry i can't tell you more of how
this was done since i wasn't coding that mud and have no access to the
code, but that's how it worked. I must say killing for eq got back it's
old glory after that, no more whacking that big, mean old dragon with
circles (that mud had implemented a thief's circle-skill, in effect a
lesser backstab that can be done in-fight on a wounded mob each 6


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