Re: Newbie? Death System

From: Jon Nielsen (nikolai@MONTANA.COM)
Date: 08/06/98

Brett Williams wrote:
> Ok, well I'm new to the mailing list...I'm wondering if anyone has ever tried
> to revamp the original Circle death code. I am currently working on a project
> of making the character into a ghost upon death and must find a temple to pray
> at before rising once again from their corpse. This goes along with my
> Diety/god system though has no effect as of yet. I am looking for any
> guidelines or aid I could use in turning the character into a ghost?
> description, properties, etc.
I've been thinking about something like that for the MUD that I help code
on lately. I was thinking, that you could have a PLR_GHOST flag that is set
upon death, and restrict commands way down to only do_look and a few other
major player commands. But, when you're a ghost, you are invulnerable, but
cannot fight/be fought with until the flag is removed. Also, ghosts would
be able to waterwalk and fly naturally. This way, players could use their
invulnerability to their advantage by exploring the world. But, they can
only be a ghost for a certain amount of time, or maybe they would not be
able to regenerate Movement points. And, I think that it should be
to higher-levels (10+) so people don't create characters just to explore
and kill them off. (I liked someone's idea of saving low-levels from death.

Just my thoughts.

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