Re: Newbie? Death System

From: Tony Robbins [Kupek] (tonyr@NWPACLINK.COM)
Date: 08/06/98

Player Dies:
  -> AFF_GHOST is set on player.  Make flag allow for passing through doors,
     but no taking/interaction with objects, emoting, or speaking.
  -> make_corpse() on the character who died (so the ghost can't carry the
     objs.  May or may not want to make corpses unable to be stolen from.
     May want to extend/deactivate decomposition time.
  -> Make a temple spec_proc which removes the AFF_GHOST flag.  I personally
     would make it so that they now must find their equipment.  Otherwise,
     go through the object list until you find the character's corpse, and
     move the object's inventory into the player's.
  -> Deal with corpse object.


At 09:23 PM 8/6/98 EDT, you wrote:
>Ok, well I'm new to the mailing list...I'm wondering if anyone has ever tried
>to revamp the original Circle death code. I am currently working on a project
>of making the character into a ghost upon death and must find a temple to
>at before rising once again from their corpse. This goes along with my
>Diety/god system though has no effect as of yet. I am looking for any
>guidelines or aid I could use in turning the character into a ghost?
>description, properties, etc.
>    JinX

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