Re: Surname Question

From: Andrew Ritchie (object@ALPHALINK.COM.AU)
Date: 08/18/98

>go on to select a surname.  Once that personal has created and they enter
>the game it comes up like this [1 War - Dem][The Triad] tester bester
>                                ^ ^     ^        ^       ^      ^
>                              lvl class race    clan     name   surname
>but when someones saves and quits out, and comes back in it becomes
>[1 War - Dem][The Triad] tester (null)

Ok, first of all it says (null) if they don't type in a surname because it
is exactly that - null. I'm not sure what you're surname code looks like,
but here's a little tip on how to rectify the problem ...


+    if (!*arg)           /* This makes the surname '.' if they don't write */
+       *arg = '.';       /* anything at the surname prompt ...             */
     else {
        ch->surname = *arg;
     STATE(d) = CON_RMOTD;

There's probably a million little mistakes in that code, but anyway. And the
obvious reason why the surname is not saving when they quit is because db.c
is not loading it up properly. Or perhaps you are not saving it all! Hope this

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