Re: Snooping locations

From: Patrick Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 08/18/98

> > I'm looking for a way to "snoop" anything that happens in a certain room using
> > the location of a char/obj as reference.
> check out the snippet site for my eavesdrop does basically the
> same thing, all you'd have to do is modify how the room gets eavesdropped
> on..

        Now you'll have to forgive me, but I think this was one of the
first things I wrote for circle ever.. I couldn't find the end version
which allows you to redirect/on/off the input/output (like a radio-object
on a mush) but you could get it from this pretty easy - its a spec proc to
make a mob which reports everything that is said/emoted? in a room.. The
relevant parts are about 8-10 lines.

SPECIAL(xap_puppet) {
  struct char_data *i;

  if (IS_NPC(ch))
    return 0;
                        /* this is the name of the pc */
  if (!(i=get_char_vis(ch, "Xap")))
    return 0;

  if ((CMD_IS("kill") || CMD_IS("hit") || CMD_IS("kick")) &&
     !strcmp(" tigger",argument)) {  /* tigger is mob name */
    send_to_char("No! No! He's a nice tigger!\r\n",ch);
    return TRUE;

  if (CMD_IS("say") || CMD_IS("'"))
    sprintf(buf,"Puppet reports: %s says, '%s'\r\n",GET_NAME(ch),

  else if (CMD_IS("emote") || CMD_IS(":"))
    sprintf(buf,"Puppet reports %s %s\r\n",GET_NAME(ch), argument);
    return 0;

  return FALSE;


P.S. Sorry I wasn't around recently - Had to move from Tx to Il, attend a
wedding, and get 4 wisdom teeth pulled.
P.p.s.  re: aug 3'd mesg, yes i wrote the mana drain patch, but i don't
really need credit.  It works kay though :)

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