Surname Question

From: Matt Roach (winter@GEEK.NET)
Date: 08/17/98

Ok, this is strange, I've added a last name selection to my mud, a player
will be asked after chosing their name if they want a last name or not, if
they chose no, then they skip that part, but if they chose yes then they
go on to select a surname.  Once that personal has created and they enter
the game it comes up like this [1 War - Dem][The Triad] tester bester
                                ^ ^     ^        ^       ^      ^
                              lvl class race    clan     name   surname

but when someones saves and quits out, and comes back in it becomes

[1 War - Dem][The Triad] tester (null)

and it also does the null crap if they didn't chose a surname, any ideas why
1. its not saving when they quit out
2. it shows up as (null) if they don't chose one.

Thanks in advance, and sorry about the long email.

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