Re: notes system

From: Scott Bowden (bowden@MEDIAONE.NET)
Date: 08/20/98

The formula you use for saving throws really depends on how many levels you have
on your MUD, what kind of saving-throw modifying EQ you'll have, etc. I
personally felt that on my MUD [100 mortal lvls], saving throws shouldn't
start hitting zero until pretty late on.  The original tables all had a
starting value around 60-80, and then dropped either 2 every 1 or sometimes
dropped 1 for odd levels and 2 for even levels, etc.  I changed it so that it
just dropped 1 per level for most of them, so that between levels 60 and 80 a
characters saving throws start hitting bottom.  A few take as long as 90. I
felt it was decently balanced, especially for how simple I kept it. The basic
format is something like this (don't have the code in front of me):

  switch (level) {
    case  0: return 100;
    default: return (80 - (level - 1));

Quick, simple, and to the point.

As for your question regarding Thac0 , I wouldn't build the dex modifier into
the Thac0 table.  What you should do is go into fight.c and search for (I
believe) str_app[GET_STRENGTH_INDEX].tohit , which is where a person's strength
bonus is added into their hitroll. Look around that area and you'll see how it
works.  If you want, you can then add right there either a couple if-else if's
or if you want you can add a new value to the dex_app struct in structs.h .
(search for dex_app_types I believe in structs.h)

  - Scott Bowden

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