Re: [IDEA] realtime landscape

From: Brett Williams (OKJinx@AOL.COM)
Date: 08/20/98

I have had this idea and have attempted it on several different occations, not
with much success. Attempted using basically an array of data, 100 by 100 or
so that contained a bit for the terrain type, bitvectors for exits, etc.

#define terrain_sea             1
#define terrain_coast   2
#define terrain_plains  3
#define terrain_hills           4
#define terrain_mountain 5
#define terrain_swamp   6
#define terrain_desert  7

#define world_exit_n     1
#define world_exit_s     2
#define world_exit_e     4
#define world_exit_w     8

struct world_map {
    byte terrain;
    byte exits;
/* Possibly have a char here for the description of the room, then load them
all based off the terrain, so u technically only have 7 rooms or so. 1 for
each terrain. */

const world_map *world[][] = {

This is very vague, and probably doesn't make sense, but thats all I could
think of =/ Email me private if you want to talk more.


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