Another one of those annoying Newbie questions

From: Michael Gesner (MeGesner@AOL.COM)
Date: 08/21/98

I'm looking for a little help on the following topics:
(Code snippets would be nice, but I don't want to steal anyone's ideas, Just a
little help on where to start would be nice)

Equipment that stays with the player even after death

When a player quits, when they are still alive, they return to the location
last visited

When a player first signs on, or dies, they return to a clan defined location,
not a general start location

How to make the prompt customizable by the player

How to use color on the title screen

Any help on these topics would be appreciated (I know how annoying Newbies
like me can be... So I'll leave my list short ;o)  )

Michael Gesner

PS: If anyone would be willing... (maybe even a little crazy), I would
appreciate some MUD specific help to my MUD <-- I know ... it's a long shot
... but hey... I thought I'd ask ;o)

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