Re: Voting about inclusions in the next release of circlemud

From: Del Minturn (caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET)
Date: 08/26/98

I got the idea that the polls are to help decide (for the writers,
mainly George) to sway his decision which ever way. I think that a LOT
of the patches that are out there should be included also. Since it's a
royal pain to get some of them to work with bpl14 that were designed for
bpl12 or earlier.
If I didn't have this mud to work on, I would try to make a patch like I
stated once before to add a stack of patches and set up some sort of
toggle feature.

Dan Argent wrote:
>      Also, bear in mind that this is not a democracy, and if George and
>      Jeremy decide to put something in, or keep it out, then they have
>      final say.

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