Voting about inclusions in the next release of circlemud

From: Dan Argent (Daniel.2.ARGENT@SB.COM)
Date: 08/26/98

     If we're voting about the xp tables and other things, then what about
     a vote for including colour in stock circle, or the copyover patch?

     However, the question must be - what constiutes a majoritory, since I
     remember reading posts about the inclusion of OLC in stock. In the
     end, after many people saying that it wouldn't be a good thing, the
     subject was dropped.But how many people have to say yes to an
     inclusion for it to be put in? I think this would probably be related
     to the size and the ammount of code-alteration involved.

     Also, bear in mind that this is not a democracy, and if George and
     Jeremy decide to put something in, or keep it out, then they have
     final say.

     Sorry to come over all political.......


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