Re: [MSP] MSP Implementation Plans

From: Fili (cybom@NETROPOLIS.NET)
Date: 08/26/98

Bryan Britt wrote:
> The MSP hasn't come up to the top of the code queue yet, so I don't have
> any thing to actually show, but we WILL be sound-based on Beltane.
> We will imp it like this:
> It will be done copied after the 'color' command.  So you will have
> SOUND OFF:  Duh...  no sound.
> SOUND SPARSE:  Death sounds, fighting sounds, major sound effects only.
> SOUND NORMAL:  sound effects for weather, coins, spells, etc.
> SOUND COMPLETE:  Background music using MIDI files.
> We might break it into a SOUND and a MUSIC command.
> Then in the places we want a sound, we'll just put a macro for
> PLAY("effect.wav" etc.) that will expand to the correct MSP string or to
> NULL if sound is turned off.

Macro? Bah! Function I think. Then again, I'm normally anti-macro (they
dont like me, I dont like them.)

What you ought to do is add a seperate flag to the pfile for this. I
didnt, but started wishing I had not too long ago. Other than that, this
system doesnt look too hard at all.


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