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From: Julian Buckley (buckley@PC.ELEC.UQ.EDU.AU)
Date: 08/31/98

>     Doppleganger and a few others have brought up a good point.
> I may sound stupid being a newbie coder myself, but I am taking the
> effort to learn, and trust me, if you dont know what a parse error is or
> have any idea what an array is, there's no point in even trying to code.

I totally disagree --- it's amazing how much one can learn from the
snippets that have been made available --- parse errors and arrays aside,
the majority of the stuff doesnt take a degree in rocket science to figure
it out.  A coder, willing to learn and fix mistakes is as good as any

>     Code snippets are not the answer. Learn how to imm a mud first
> before going off, getting a fresh copy of CircleMUD3.0, and typing
> random text in all the free spaces.

IMMing first should be a pre-requisite.  Being mortal you cannot see what
goes on --- IMMing allows one to see the admin side of things, and I
especially liked the forward from Doppleganger Software about this...

>     Coding is an art, and so is owning a mud. There are about 20-30
> truly awesome and wonderful CircleMUDs out there that I have found.
> The rest? Stock code. There is nothing wrong with stock, except for the
> fact that it's un-unique. Boring.

You I doubt havent looked far --- there are literally hundreds of muds out
there, agreeably a few very snippetized, but there at many an "awesome"

>     No one wants a MUD opened that resembles CircleMUD30bpl14 to the
> exact character. I dont wanna play one of those.

Nod, this is boring, and there are a lot of these in existence.

>     If you cannot code in C, and you dont wanna get a 6000 page C book,
> the least you can do is stare at code snippets for a while, and
> experiment with them. The Mailing List is for "Assistance" in mistakes,
> and problems in code.

It also operates as an open forum on CircleMUD related issues, which is
why I personally get sick and tired of the flames on the newbie
coders...remember we were all like that once...

>     It is not:
>     "Can you code this for me?"
>     "Help. I can't patch. Can someone tell me how i patch something?"
>     "How do you untar something?"
>     and my personal favorite...
>     "What does .C mean?"

I must admit --- before I knew *anything* about C, I new that a .C file
was...funny :)  Untarring isnt a pre-req, cause I use windows and WinZip
does it nicely for me ;)

Just my two cents:  Everyone learns somewhere, somehow, and if they wish
to attempt to code a mud, let em...they'll soon throw it out if they cant
do it.  I've redone my mud over 10 times completely cause I got sick of
it, then reestablished interest.  Works fine now...:)


Well, not really --- just wondering, has any Win9x user out there had any
problem with commands using the one_argument lines?  Cause I'm attempting
to code something, and basically, I did something, it compiled, it crashed
when attempting to try it.  I then copied the do_transfer code exactly,
changed transfer to transfer2 and tried again, and it does the same
thing...wierd, but I'll work it out...:)

 Julian Buckley, 2nd Year Computer Systems Engineering
 Dept. Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Univ. of Qld

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