Re: [code] password retrieval

From: David Sun (wedget@MCI2000.COM)
Date: 08/31/98

Snake wrote:
> Does this code work for normal or ASCII PFILE(I am guessing it is for normal
> PFILES because with ASCII you just have to open up the pfile and look at the
> password).

it >only< works with ascii pfiles. there's no way to unencrypt a
password that's
encrypted (unless, of course, you're a cryptology genius). how is this
that you can't unencrypt things?, you ask. well, you type in your
and it encrypts your input. then it compares your encrypted input with
the already
encrypted password stored on file. anyone know how to unencrypt? please

"The optimist sees the doughnut, the pessimist sees the hole."

char c[160],z;main(x,d){for/*/      -- Wedge --       /*/(x=159;x--
;c[x]=32);c[79]=z;c[39]=88/*/   /*/;for(d=31;x
=78,puts(c+z),d--;z=80-z)/*/   high school junior   /*/for(;--x;c[x
+80-z]=88-56*!(c[z-!0+x]/*/   mud and game coder   /*/-c[z+x+1]));}

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