From: Marc Gale (MARC@BGC.AC.UK)
Date: 09/09/98

> Also, personally, I think the (lead) coder should be the owner of the
> MUD, otherwise awkward situations can arrise.  Any opinions on this?

Well, it's all still a personal thing that will vary from MUD to MUD.

Let's say for example that a group of friends want to build a MUD.
One of them can code, one of them has a great imagination, one of
them has a knack with dealing with people, and one of them has a
particular flair for organisation.

In this example, they could all be declared the owners, but the one
with the good organisational skills would be the main person in
charge, organising the exploits of his or her friends.

Unfortunately however, I don't think this is too common.  What we are
looking at here could be a situation where the individual who wants
to run a MUD is trying to recruit a team to fill in the gaps in his
or her knowledge and ability.

I agree that the request was rather badly phrased.  When you cannot
code at all, you need to learn, or to find someone who can.  A
request for a coder would be a good start, but without the proviso of
'I need a very experienced, god like coder who can code whatever I
can imagine'.  This is extreme and over the top but I think it
highlights the issue.

If such a coder exists (okay okay, stop jumping up and down and
saying 'me, me, that's me in a nutshell') then they would surely
either be running their own MUD, or already working for at least one

Advice to all new Implementors who want to run a MUD.  Read as much
documentation that you can get hold of, and then read it again.  By
all means gather a group of immortals, and advertising is a way of
doing this.  But keep the request polite and without limitations.  If
you find that a coder cannot do what you want, then you will have to
make a decision there.

Also, try to learn to code by yourself.  If you can find someone to
work with, then great.  If not, play with the stock code (without
patches, they will only confuse you) and see what happens when you
change things.  This is one of the fastest ways to learn how circle
is put together.

You may also want world builders, but don't bother looking until
you've had a go yourself.  If you want to build and run your own MUD,
you obviously have some great ideas that you want to do.  To be
honest, if this is the case, unless you are recruiting psychic world
builders, they are not going to chance across your ideas by accident.
 And by the time you have explained what zones you want and how they
are to be organised, and how tough the mobs are to be, and what
objects are going to exist, you might as well have built the zones

Oops, I'm waffling again.

<goes into quiet mode again>


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