[BPL14][Newbie] Extract Char

From: Scorn (scorn@RMI.NET)
Date: 09/09/98

i have been playing around with the following spells clone, animate dead,
and summon undead.  I have got the code pretty much understood i think and
was wondering........why dont these spells end? Ok this is what i mean as
far as AD&D goes these spells and others such as aerial servant only last a
certain amount off time then the mob is extracted.  But when the aff flag
CHARM is turned on for these spells it doesnt ever go off.  To test that i
left them there overnight and still charmed in the morning.  However i dont
quite know enough about the circle code yet to fix it so that after a
period of time(based on level of caster) that the spell ends and they self
extract.  I looked in limits.c under the void point_update() for an example
but it only shows objs and PC's.  So if any one could please give me some
pointers through the list or private email i would be very appreciative.

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