From: Nitelite (dalamar@CYBERCOM.NET)
Date: 09/09/98

On Wed, 9 Sep 1998, Marc Gale wrote:

> Let's say for example that a group of friends want to build a MUD.
> One of them can code, one of them has a great imagination, one of
> them has a knack with dealing with people, and one of them has a
> particular flair for organisation.
> In this example, they could all be declared the owners, but the one
> with the good organisational skills would be the main person in
> charge, organising the exploits of his or her friends.

        This is exactly the way my MUD came about. Me and some high school
buddies used to play CircleMUD 2.2 on CNET Amiga BBS (had 8 nodes.. woo
woo). Years later, we opened our own MUD. All friends that had different
skills and responsibilities. (Most are graduated from college ... eeks)

> Unfortunately however, I don't think this is too common.

        Probably, but it does happen.

> What we are
> looking at here could be a situation where the individual who wants
> to run a MUD is trying to recruit a team to fill in the gaps in his
> or her knowledge and ability.

        Seems this is the most dominant way people try to start a MUD up.

> Also, try to learn to code by yourself.  If you can find someone to
> work with, then great.  If not, play with the stock code (without
> patches, they will only confuse you) and see what happens when you
> change things.  This is one of the fastest ways to learn how circle
> is put together.

        I highly agree with this. When my friends and I started our MUD, I
was in the process of learning C, but not really good. We tried to get
someone to code for us, to no avail. I pretty much think that unless you
know someone who codes and agrees to go on this mud venture with you, or
you are willing to learn to code yourself, that getting an experienced
coder is a shot in the dark and probably will not happen.

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