Re: Mob Problems.... Mob probs.. heh, Thats funny ;)

From: Edward J Glamkowski (eglamkowski@ANGELFIRE.COM)
Date: 09/09/98

> ObCircle:   Has anyone tinkered with spells that fill
> rooms by volumes?
> Here's the example  I'm standing in a tunnel and cast
> 'fireball'.  This spell then consumes each room in
> any direction available with fire until the specified
> volume for the fireball is exhausted.  It's really a
> neat idea imho, and I'd like to hear anyone's ideas.

Have you seen the snippet for room affect spells?
You could almost certainly use that as a starting

Any chance room affect spells will ever be part of
stock circle?  It is a nice addition that doesn't
alter how anything else works.

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