Re: [CODE][NEWBIE][RACES]Problems with implementor char after creation

From: Aaron Throckmorton (throck@NFINITY.COM)
Date: 09/14/98

I did this... still no.  :(

Yohay Etsion wrote:
> try using the 'restore' command on your IMP character ...

> Aaron Throckmorton wrote:
> > So here is my problem.  After deleting the players file and all player
> > objects I log on with a new char, making him and elf warrior.  His level
> > is set to IMPL (34) (shows this way in the score screen and stat
> > screen), but the only skills/spells that are available is kick
> > (superb).  Also, he can't use any OLC commands.  When i type any olc
> > command, I get the message "You do not have permission to edit this
> > zone."

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