[RP] Roleplaying ideas

From: Andrew Ritchie (object@ALPHALINK.COM.AU)
Date: 09/21/98

I have a few roleplaying ideas. Comments, suggestions, would be most welcome.
Most of the ideas have some kinda question.

* How about a system of introduction? For example...

        > Someplace
        > Someplace not special.
        > A purple dinosaur is standing here, molestering children.
        kill barney
        > Who might that be?
        slap dinosaur
        > You slap a purple dinosaur.
        > A purple dinosaur introduces himself as 'Barney'.
        kill barney
        > You kill Barney.

  I'm not exactly sure how to implement this, however. I don't really want
to change
  every single command to look for keywords instead of their actual name.
Perhaps modify
  is_in_room() or the functions like it?

* A player-run postal service. Advantages are that it is a roleplaying idea,
and believable,
  disadvantages are that the postmen may not be trusted, but that's the same
in the real
  world. Anyone implemented this? I'm looking to discard NPC's entirely, and
only have animal
  mobiles to hunt. Anyone done that? :)

* Discard levels and classes entirely. Skill based system.

Just my two cents,



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