Re: [RP] Roleplaying ideas

From: Marc Gale (MARC@BGC.AC.UK)
Date: 09/22/98

> I have a few roleplaying ideas. Comments, suggestions, would be most welcome.
> Most of the ideas have some kinda question.
> * How about a system of introduction? For example...
>         look
>         > Someplace
>         > Someplace not special.

Does this mean that you would want people to only see the rooms real
name and description when they are told about it?  Eek!

>         >
>         > A purple dinosaur is standing here, molestering children.
>         kill barney
>         > Who might that be?
>         slap dinosaur
>         > You slap a purple dinosaur.
>         > A purple dinosaur introduces himself as 'Barney'.
>         kill barney
>         > You kill Barney.

Nice example, I want to incorporate something like that on my mud,
but haven't for two reasons;

1. I'm not at that part of the code yet

2. I have no idea how to do it sensibly :o)

The thing is, we would have to remember, for the lifetime of the mob
and the player, the which players know the mobs real name.  So, first
of all we need to have a flag for whether the player knows the mobs
name, and then we need to know how the heck we are going to store

We can't do it on the mob, because as soon as one player was
introduced, all players would be introduced.

Likewise, we can't store it on the player, otherwise we would need a
huge set of flags for every mob in the game until it dies.

As the flags should move into the playerfile with the player, one
alternative would be to remember each prototype.  Once you had been
introduced to a given prototype, you would know it's name.  This
however, removes the role-playing aspect a little, especially in my
mud where each mob is given a name on loading.

> * A player-run postal service. Advantages are that it is a roleplaying idea,
> and believable,
>   disadvantages are that the postmen may not be trusted, but that's the same
> in the real
>   world. Anyone implemented this?

Nope, and I shan't for player mail.  I might however incorporate it
for objects, where players are hired by the postal service (or run
their own) to deliver objects to mobs or players.

> I'm looking to discard NPC's entirely, and
> only have animal
>   mobiles to hunt. Anyone done that? :)

Nope, unless you have a huge live player count, you will have a very
empty world.  No cities, no populations, no miners, no nothing except
the players.

> * Discard levels and classes entirely. Skill based system.

Done that.  It is straightforward but tricky in that there are so
many places in the code that refer to levels and classes.  I'm happy
with the end result though.


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