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From: Mikael Segercrantz (segercra@CS.HELSINKI.FI)
Date: 09/24/98

On Thu, 24 Sep 1998, Marc Gale wrote:

[a lot of the example snipped]

> > north
> You walk to the north
> Room description
> A fido is here
> > track stop
> You stop tracking

This could be done better, in my opinion.  When checking the tracking
info, do something like:

(sorry for not speaking Circle... it's just basically how it could be

        if ( MOB_IN_ROOM( GET_TRACKING( ch ) ) )
                strcpy( ch.tracking, "" );
                CLEAR_BIT( ch, TRACKING );

which would stop the tracking of the mob once you get to the same room as
where it is.  Of course, this has it's bad sides, too, like if the mob
flees, then you'll have to track it again.  But I think this is a better
solution than having to explicitely give the 'track stop' command when you
find the mob you're looking for.


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