Re: Track

From: Marc Gale (MARC@BGC.AC.UK)
Date: 09/24/98

> This could be done better, in my opinion.  When checking the tracking
> info, do something like:
> (sorry for not speaking Circle... it's just basically how it could be
> done)
>         if ( MOB_IN_ROOM( GET_TRACKING( ch ) ) )
>         {
>                 strcpy( ch.tracking, "" );
>                 CLEAR_BIT( ch, TRACKING );
>         }
> which would stop the tracking of the mob once you get to the same room as
> where it is.  Of course, this has it's bad sides, too, like if the mob
> flees, then you'll have to track it again.  But I think this is a better
> solution than having to explicitely give the 'track stop' command when you
> find the mob you're looking for.

So long as the 'track stop' command exists for manual stopping.

Both my example and your enhancement are still theoretical ideas, a
base for people to work on and complete to their own tastes :o)


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