Re: fix for SCMD_THAW

From: Modem Burn (modem-burn@GEOCITIES.COM)
Date: 09/25/98

No offence but that code from what I know is useless because unless you
change SCMD_FREEZE you cannot freeze a imm of the same level. So only a
person of higher level can unfreeze wich means you couldn't that yourself
anyways. And also I don't think freezeing imms actually works. I've tried it
on mine and it did nothin.

>Here's a real quick fix I made up for bpl14...  It doesn't allow a
>character to thaw themselves, useful if you freeze a person of the same
>level...  Just add the if (ch == vict) chunk below and it should prevent
>that from happening.
>    case SCMD_THAW:
>      if (!PLR_FLAGGED(vict, PLR_FROZEN)) {
>        send_to_char("Sorry, your victim is not morbidly encased in ice
>at the moment.\r\n", ch);
>        return;
>      }
>  if (ch == vict){
>          send_to_char("Hah! Nice try....", ch);
>        return;
>  }

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