Re: [NEWBIE] Oasis OLC and Stock olc confliction.

From: Chuck Reed (master@I-55.COM)
Date: 10/14/98

>Well in a readme text file somehwere on the ftp sight I saw that
>hopefuly in v3.1 or something a stock version of olc will be there.
>Won't this cause a confliction when patching from 3.0 to 3.1?
>Or will there be 2 versions of circle one with stock olc and the other
>I know this is a little early to ask these questions because 3.1 isn't
>even out but I was still woundering if there is a decision on this or

If my memory serves correctly (I make no claims to that!), George had
stated that with such quality add-ons as Oasis and Obuild out there, Circle
wasn't going to have it's own OLC system.  However, if a stock olc is added
in, I'd just say why waste your time re-writing a good thing . . . . go
with Oasis.


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