Query #2

From: Circadia Adminstrator (circadia@PLANETMUD.COM)
Date: 10/17/98

Hi again,

I'm refering to the OLC+ package code that I've installed into a
stock bpl14. I'm now aware of the .zon format which adds an additional
~ to the second line of the .zon file. (Thanks to Bryan)

However, the OLC+.README says ...
   (This uses the is_name function, a duplicate of isname()).  The logic
   is that it will search the list for the same name.  DO NOT CHANGE
   is_name() for ANY REASON, especially abbreviations code.  This will
   cause "Belga" to work as "Belgarath".  A security hole.

Personally, I would love the abbreviation snippet to be coded into my mud
was about to use the abbreviation snippet on Ceramic Mouse when I suddenly
remembered... Will using the snippet affect, in any way, the OLC function
in OLC+ package? Or rather, is there a possible fix to this problem?


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