[CODE] The Mapsnippet

From: Christoffer Lundberg (avatar@orion.boden.se)
Date: 11/11/98

I have checked the mapsnip.txt file from the ftp site,
and I think it is a bit unnecessary to do all those map-
drawings. I was only thinking of a simple code that
finds the SECT from each adjoining room, and then translates
them into symbols. Then it will go to those room's adjoining
rooms and find their SECT too. I have only figured out how
to read the adjoining rooms to the room you are in, not to
the adjoining rooms' adjoined rooms (sounds complicated?).

Can I really write like this ?:

switch (SECT(EXIT(ch, EXIT(ch, 0)->to_room)->to_room)) {

Doesn't this take the SECT from the room to the north of
the character, and the same room again. I am looking for
some function that can sort of count the "door" as the
room to the north, not the room ch is in.
  With "door" I mean that the function looks like this:

#define EXIT(ch, door) (blah blah blah.........)

Well, in that #define, the door is taken from ch->in_room, but
I want it to be EXIT->to_room or something. Hmm, this was
not as easy to explain as I thought. Well, hope you get the


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