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From: Eduo (
Date: 11/11/98

On Wed, 11 Nov 1998, Francis Hotchkiss wrote:

> You don't have to write anything to disk, everything can be done in
> memory. This IMHO is the easiest way to make a map.

I agree, specially if you have any heavy building.

IIRC there was already a snippet or code that took .wld files and made
maps from them. The maps were far from nice to the eye (had too many
numbers and had problems with ups and downs, as is obvious) but they
worked, they could be used as a basis.

I still think it'd be easier to just map the part adjacent to you. The
code to get that part is already available (and easy to do anyway) and the
strain on the system would be much lower.

A variation of the map I outlined in my previous post could be made for
wizards, in which you could see the room vnums..:) (I'd even go as far as
making a "redwalk" prompt mode, in which your prompt took completely over
the screen showing you the adjacent rooms and letting you walk to areas
without a room and connecting them... Like a pseudo graphical interactive


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