[Newbie] Positions, cont.

From: Jonathan Grant Esq. (chyld@elwha.evergreen.edu)
Date: 11/15/98

        ..Thanks to everyone for their suggestions..

..Ok, to add the fly ability I was describing, I added two new positions..
#define POS_FIGHTING        7
#define POS_STANDING        9
#define POS_FLYING          10

..I added the commands "fly" and "land"..

        ..I also made the nessisary adjustments to act.movement.c,
interpreter.c, and fight.c..

..All was fine, until I discovered that my wandering mobs no longer
move..Obviously, this is due to the fact that POS_STANDING used to be
defined as 8, and is now 9..So, I'm guessing that all my mobs are loading
into POS_FIGHTING_FLYING..The only problem is I don't know where I need
to make the change..I've greped around a bit, to no avail..I do have
oasis installed, if that's relevent..

..So, if anyone could point me in the right direction. . .


                        Jonathan Grant

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