MSVC++, Project and win32

From: Jourge Fuzz Bush (
Date: 11/17/98

Well some might consider this offtopic but it is related to circlemud.
On the ftp sight there is a project file so you don't have to use
command line nmake to compile your mud source. Well I made my own before
I saw that someone already did this. But at first it was looking for
winmain blah blah blah. Well in trying to fix this I took the _windows
and WIN32 out of the link specifacations. Will it still link as a 32-bit

One thing. This is offtopic but just a curious question.
Shouldn't I be able to take a stand-alone exe file from win 95 and run
it in linux. What the difference. They're both compiled asember. I think
it should work as long as their is no system calls. Just something to
think about.

        Thaknks Jourge,

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