Re: MSVC++, Project and win32

From: Jason Wilkins (
Date: 11/17/98

On Tue, 17 Nov 1998, Alex wrote:

> It won't work.  Both systems use different architectures.  Regardless
> of both running on an Intel Chipset (assuming that's the variant of
> linux to which you refer)
> Ae.

At the threat of being really off topic, the only reason the object code
in a Windows 95 executable won't run on a Unix machine using an Intel chip
(or visa versa) is because the executable formats are different.  The
problem comes from the fact that the executables make different OS calls.

If you could load the different formats on different computers then you
would be able to run the code, but it would crash at the point it tried to
call the OS, but if it never did that, then it would run, but would be
kinda pointless. ^_^

This is off topic, so, if you wish to chat about this, let take this to
private mail.

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