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From: Tony Robbins [Kupek] (
Date: 11/22/98

At 01:34 AM 11/23/98 +0800, you wrote:
>I am writing regarding an OLC bug that I'm facing on my mud.
>Whenever someone is doing OLC (redit, medit, oedit, sedit, zedit,
>hedit, aedit, board writing, mailing)...what ever it is that's
>gotta do with OLC, then he/she gets disconnected in real life,
>but the character remains connected on the mud and when he/she
>tries to re-login, it is impossible.
>By what name do you wish to be known? Mynick
>Invalid name, please try another.
>Name: Mynic
>Invalid name, please try another.
>It goes on and on until someone DCs that character's link.
>Does anybody know what's wrong with it and any possible fix will
>be gladly appreciated.

The problem lies in new CON_ states and the fix for the character duping
bug.  I haven't addressed the problem in my MUD yet, but that should get
things rolling in the right direction.

To OLC+ Users:  Yes, this bug exists in the current release of OLC+.  I may
begin helping somebody out with OLC in their MUD, and it may mean a new
OLC+ release.  Definitely not until bpl15 is released, though.

I didn't know it stopped abbreviations of the name though.

Anyway, perhaps somebody will address this before I sit down to do it.  :)


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