Re: [newbie] [code] Mising patches: from Dan Egli at "Nov 29, 98 07:45:37 am"

From: Christian Loth (
Date: 11/29/98


Dan Egli wrote:
> Some of the immortals on my mud have requested some patches that I cannot
> find anywhere. If anyone has any patches that do any of the following,
> please let me know?

I think this is a nice and easy coding exercise...try the following

> AutoLoot

Browse through the contents of the corpse, and add the stuff to the
players inventory. Check the code of 'get all' to get some inspiriation.

> AutoAssist

With every pulse of violence check all members of a group; if a group
member is fighting let them assist. Check the code of 'assist' to
get inspiration.

> Autosplit (automatically break up taken gold between the group)

Get the gold of the mob, and devide it by the amount of people in
the group. Do the same operation as modulo, and give that result
to the one who killed the mob.

> Also, I have looked at what I could find for race/clan codes, but they all
> apply to older versions of circlemud (latest i saw applied to patch Level
> 12). Does anyone have some race and/or clan patches that will apply to

Look through the patches, and try to get their idea. Then try to
'handpatch' your source.

This is a good exercise, and if you take your MUD somewhat serious,
sooner or later you need to add code by yourself anyways. Code as
in own code :)

- Chris

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