[newbie] [code] Mising patches:

From: Dan Egli (dan@adsl60.slkc.uswest.net)
Date: 11/29/98

Some of the immortals on my mud have requested some patches that I cannot
find anywhere. If anyone has any patches that do any of the following,
please let me know?

Autosplit (automatically break up taken gold between the group)

command line shortening (eg. type wield sw vs wield sword)

Also, I have looked at what I could find for race/clan codes, but they all
apply to older versions of circlemud (latest i saw applied to patch Level
12). Does anyone have some race and/or clan patches that will apply to
Patch level 14? Stock is fine, I can adapt whatever patch rejects, if it's
not half of the mud like the ones i've seen are. They aren't patches,
they're replacement dropin .c files for patch level 12 (or older).


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