Re: [newbie] [code] Mising patches:

From: Dan Egli (
Date: 11/29/98

On Sun, 29 Nov 1998, Christian Loth wrote:

> Greetings,
> Dan Egli wrote:
> > Some of the immortals on my mud have requested some patches that I cannot
> > find anywhere. If anyone has any patches that do any of the following,
> > please let me know?
> >
> I think this is a nice and easy coding exercise...try the following
> 'recipes':
> > AutoLoot
> Browse through the contents of the corpse, and add the stuff to the
> players inventory. Check the code of 'get all' to get some inspiriation.
[deleted to save bandwidth]
> This is a good exercise, and if you take your MUD somewhat serious,
> sooner or later you need to add code by yourself anyways. Code as
> in own code :)

I do take my mud serious. BUT, I am also extreemly busy, so I am trying to
use existing patches as much as I can. If I had the time, i could likely
figure out anything I wanted to do on the mud, and implement it. But I do
not have that kind of time. Thats why I'm asking around to get patches.
Then anything that I just cannot find a patch for, I will add to the list
of thins i have to implement myself.

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