Re: [newbie] [code] Mising patches:

From: Edward J Glamkowski (
Date: 11/29/98

For the auto* flags, also checkout autoexit for how
to set up the flags themselves and how to toggle them.

>> AutoLoot
>> AutoAssist
>> Autosplit (automatically break up taken gold between
>> the group)
>> Also, I have looked at what I could find for
>> race/clan codes, but they all apply to older
>> versions of circlemud (latest i saw applied to patch
>> Level 12). Does anyone have some race and/or clan
>> patches that will apply to
> Look through the patches, and try to get their idea.
> Then try to 'handpatch' your source.

Actually, I was using two race docs that I found, and
after using both of them, I still found tons of stuff
they both neglect (like displaying the characters race
in the score command).  About 2/3 of my race code is
based on the docs, and 1/3 is other stuff I've found
that wasn't covered in them.
While they are certainly useful, they are not entirely
comprehensive, so if you use them, you'll still want to
go through all your code and see what else you'll
want/need to add to support races.

> This is a good exercise

Very good indeed!  These are the kinds of things
I would give to a new coder whose abilities I was
unfamiliar with.

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