[OFF-TOPIC] Circle Under Windows (was Re: NEWBIE)

From: Deus Irae (irae@home.com)
Date: 11/30/98

>I don't know any patches that make it work for any MS compiler. Why would
>you even WANT to run a mud under windows?????

Why wouldn't you? I'm running my mud using GnuWin32 under Windows 98,
running it all in that Handy little BASH shell.  Windows' ability to find
files and strings within files is GREAT for bug hunting, WordPad is just
fine as a text editor, and I can even write some visual C++ monitoring
programs, so I can keep track of how many people are online, important
notices, etc right on my task bar, without having to go into the MUD's
window..  I'm curious as to WHY everyone bashes Win98 as a MUD OS, when it
seems to do the job fine, and makes it a LOT easier on me to administrate..
(and yes, I've used Linux, I use *ix systems every day at work)

Deus Irae

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